Development Process





Development process


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New Product Development

Alnasr develops new products up to dozens of kinds annually, mainly braided hose series, angle valve series, floor drain series, faucet series, launching series and project glue series.


Alnasr will be geared to future, depart from environmental protection and green water use, develop new products of sanitary ware and plumbing industry series, and then meet market and guide consumer by higher and faster speed.




Testing and guarantee for new products

For each new product’s development, we depart from environmental protection, green water use, high quality and low cost, test and verify from various aspects.


For the products’ acid corrosion resistance, we ask that salt spray must achieve 10th national standard. Besides, we always ask to control the products’ material and coating strictly.


For products’ performance and reliability, for example, tension, burst strength, the impact of hot and cold cycle life, life times and so on, we ask to test and control in all dimensions, and then guarantee high quality products fully from design phase.